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Finding Color


I have lost count of the gloomy, wet and cloudy days we have experienced lately, but on Friday the sun paid us a brief visit, so I took the camera to the Park to find some color.


Wind and rain had stripped many of the leaves from the trees before they could turn, but I did find a few bright spots.


It was unseasonably warm again today, and we even had a brief thunder-storm, but colder temperatures are on the way and the next few nights will be below freezing.

I hung the bird feeder yesterday, and it is already doing a brisk trade.  I don’t put out seed in the summer as I find it draws squirrels, mice and the odd possum, which sends Abbie into a tizzy.  It always surprises me how quickly the birds discover it is back.  They must pass the word around to each other!





Early Color


In typical Michigan fashion we have gone from unseasonably cool to unseasonably warm weather, and Fall colors are beginning to appear here and there.


This Maple in the Park is always among the first to turn, and catches the afternoon sun beautifully.


Recent heavy rains have given us a fine crop of mushrooms.


They are popping up everywhere.





The Back Forty – Now and Then

Last week I wrote about our first Aussie, Digger and had to dig through some old prints to find a picture of him.  I came across this one of him on the trail in our ‘back forty’ and was amazed to see the difference in the tree growth since this shot was taken.  The photo isn’t dated, but it has to be about 20 years ago.

If I go back to photos taken when we first moved here 41 years ago, the difference is even more startling.  The only tree on the property then was a white pine, which was about 5 ft tall.  Now we have a virtual forest back there and I have to brush hog the trails several times each summer to keep them from becoming overgrown.

It’s amazing what Nature can do when left to her own devices!