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A Break in the Weather


Hot, humid weather or rain has kept me cooped up in the house for several days, but cooler, drier air has finally moved in and I have been able to catch up on some mowing, and snap a few photos.

IMG_4427 (1)

My resident Barn Swallows have young in the nest and escort me when I mow, swooping around my head like miniature fighter planes, catching the bugs I stir up.  I so enjoy their company!


I decided to see if I could grow some decorative gourds in a container next to the deck.  To keep them from spreading all over the lawn, I trained them up the fence of an unused dog pen.  It did not look promising at first, but now it looks like I will have at least a few to decorate my table in the Fall.


Signs of Life


As the weather finally begins to warm up, I see new signs of life appearing as if by magic.


Pussy Willow is in full bloom now, and Forsythia is putting on a lovely show.


A closeup shot shows some baby blooms on the lilac in my front garden.

The pasture is greening up nicely, and I can see I will soon have to think about mowing my lawn.

Oak Leaves On Ice


Our weather continues to be very changeable.  We had another warm-up yesterday, but it rained all day, so it wasn’t pleasant.

We were back to freezing this morning and I captured these oak leaves on a frozen puddle in the Park.


Frost decorated this fence-post a few mornings ago.


My bird feeder continues to be busy.  Some days the birds are lining up on the deck railing, waiting for a turn!  I especially enjoy the Chickadees.  Always cheerful, even on the coldest days, and so bold, they will sometimes land on the feeder before I have it on the hook!

Wild and Crazy


Well, we did get out of the deep freeze this week.  The warm-up started Monday with rain and high winds, which turned to snow overnight.  Awoke Tuesday to 4 inches of snow on the ground.


Warmed up a bit on Wednesday, which turned the snow to slush, then re-froze.  The road in the Park where Abbie and I usually take our morning walk was a sea of frozen slush, so we had to find another route.


Most of the snow was gone by Thursday, but then we had freezing rain, which made our alternate route too slippery to walk on.

The water in my barn finally thawed, and next week’s forecast is for above freezing temperatures several days in a row.  Almost halfway through January, and counting the days till Spring! 🙂

Tis the Season

img_3848Seems like Winter has set in for good this week.  It is cold now, and forecast to get much colder over the next few days.  Woke to almost and inch of snow on the ground on Monday morning, and ‘measurable’ snow is forecast for the weekend.


Trying hard to get into the Christmas Spirit.  Managed to get some outside lights up before the weather got too cold, and have set up a small Christmas tree.  Just hope my cat will not molest it.  All those shiny ornaments are such a temptation!  I am hoping having it on a table will keep it out of harms way, but only time will tell!


I am planning to visit my daughter and her family for Christmas, but only if the Weather Gods are kind!  Could not manage the five-hour drive in ice and snow.

A Welcome Break


Just back from a trip to Canada to visit my daughter and her family.  The first time I have been able to get away in about 2 years, so it was a very welcome break.img_3838

We were blessed with lots of sunshine, and mild temperatures, and Lake Ontario, as always provided some wonderful photo ops.


I am not about to let all this mild weather fool me!  I know that Winter is coming, and am trying to prepare for it as best I can.  On Tuesday, I brought home the first of two large round hay bales to help keep my horses happy once the pasture grass dies off.  If they don’t get enough ‘chew time’ they will take out their boredom on my barn and fences, so the round bales are a good investment!

These bales are large and extremely heavy.  The farmer I buy them from loads them onto the truck, but once home, it is up to me to unload them.  My husband figured out some time ago, the easiest way to do this is to simply reverse the truck a few feet and slam on the brakes.  If all goes well, the bale simply rolls off and stays right side up.  With luck, two bales will keep the horses happy until the pastures begin to green up in the Spring.


First Frosts

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe have finally had a couple of killing frosts, so I guess we are now officially into Indian Summer.


Most of my flowers have succumbed to the cold nights, but my Geraniums are still holding their own.  In fact, this pink one on the back deck looks better now than it has all Summer!


It was so dark and gloomy when we set off for our walk last Wednesday that I left the camera at home.  Regretted it when I saw the sky reflected in lake, but managed to get a couple of decent shots with my cellphone.

Glad we have finally moved off Daylight Saving Time, so it will get light earlier in the morning.  I know it means it will get dark earlier too, but I am an early riser, and hate having to wait until eight o’clock for it to get light!

The other downside is, it takes me a while to adjust, and I will feel jet-lagged and out of sorts for about a week. 😦

Brighter Days

img_3803_1Took advantage of a couple of bright, sunny days to cruise the back roads in my area to enjoy the lovely Autumn colors.


It has turned wet and gloomy since then, so I am glad I made the most of those beautiful days.


The forecast for this week is not too promising.  Not much sunshine on tap and some very chilly nights.  Time to think about ‘winterizing’ things in the garden and barn, and pack away the Summer clothes!

Touches of Color


It has been unseasonably warm lately, so the trees have not changed much yet.  It will take some frosty nights to really make the colors pop. I am sure those will come soon enough!



There are still a few brave wildflowers around, but they are few and far between.20161005_112957_003_resized_1

I am continuing my war with Russian Olives on the property.  This one put up quite a fight, and will have to be cut up before I can move it down to the brush pile!  

September 28


Although it is now officially Autumn, the weather has been more Summer-like so far.

We have had enough rain to keep everything lush and green, with a few trees just showing a hint of color here and there.


Lots of fungi around now. Not sure if it is due to the rain, or just the time of year.  My trusty guide-book tells me this Jack-o’-lantern is luminescent in the dark, but I have never ventured into the Park at night to check this out for myself!


Of course, we know this can’t last, and cooler temperatures are moving in now, which is inspiring me to take on more outside chores.  Once more I am waging war on Russian Olives which keep threatening to overgrow the trails on my ‘Back Forty’.

Trimming them back, just seems to encourage them to grow more and I have found the most efficient way to deal with them is to pull them up by the roots.  Sounds like a big job, but with the help of a small logging chain and a four-wheel drive truck, they come out quite easily, and it is very satisfying!


I have learned these are a non-native and invasive, so I don’t feel a bit guilty at trying to kill them off!