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Late Summer Blooms

IMG_4452My Rose of Sharon is planted in a shady spot, so tends to bloom a little late.


On the upside, it will continue to bloom until frost.  I am hoping to have some of the trees around it pruned in the Fall to improve conditions for it.



Brown Eyed Susans are blooming in people’s gardens, and is also growing wild.  I came across these in the State Park, along with some Daisy Fleabane.


July 10, 2017


Areas to the north and south of me have had lots of rain lately.  There has even been serious flooding to the north, but somehow the promised rain kept skipping my area.  After waiting all day for storms which never arrived, I was really surprised to see a rainbow just before sunset, a couple of weeks ago.


The unsettled weather did make for some interesting cloud formations. I love to watch the storm clouds build.


The Day-lilies next to the barn are in full bloom.  They are so colorful and forgiving.  They require absolutely no care, which suits my limited gardening skills perfectly!

Looks like rain has set in for the whole morning now, so our mini-drought is over.  Hoping it will dry out before the day is out.

Escaping The Heat


Saturday promised to be too warm for working outside, and Lake Huron was calling, so I once again headed East.


I headed north from Port Huron, stopping first at Port Hope, then continued on to Lexington.


The jetty at Lexington Harbor has a paved walk, which takes you right out into the Lake, where a stiff breeze tempered the heat, and offered wonderful views.

Today is going to be even warmer, and I will soon have to break down and put on the AC.  I much prefer open windows and fresh air,  but as the outside temperature approaches 90 degrees, I reluctantly close the house up and flip the switch, grateful that I have this option.

More from Dow Gardens


I did not expect to be taking outside shots when I visited Dow Gardens, but even with the river still ice-covered and snow on the ground there were many attractive areas.


The brief walk from the entrance to the Conservatory revealed this lovely waterfall.


This red bridge is one of three at the gardens, designed by Alden B. Dow.

As March draws to a close, Spring still seems to be dragging her feet.  Yesterday brought us a rain/snow mix all day, and today is just cold, wet and dreary.  So glad I have these sunny pictures to remind me of a pleasant day out.



Perhaps because of the unusually dry, hot summer, I haven’t seen many Dragonflies this year, so I quickly grabbed the camera to catch a few shots of this one resting next to the deck.  I have read they feed on mosquito lava and perhaps the dry conditions have limited their food source.  Sad to say, the dry weather has done little to cut down the Deer Fly population.  A cloud of them buzzes around poor Abbie’s head when we walk.

If we are walking our own trail where no one will see me, I wear a hat to which I have attached some netting to keep them out of my hair and away from my face and neck.  Pretty silly looking, but it does the job – I’m just not brave enough to wear it in public!  Wish I could fashion something similar for Abbie!

When I check the radar before going to bed, there were showers headed our way, but somehow they missed us again.  The sweetcorn is shriveling in the fields and the soybeans are looking pretty stunted.  It’s going to be a tough year for the farmers.

If a tree falls . . . .

If a tree falls in the forest, why does it always have to come down on my fence?

These photos were taken back in the summer of 2000, but is just one of many similar occurrences.  Almost every year a tree (or part of one) falls and takes out part of our pasture fence. 

When we first moved here there was nary a tree on the seven and a half acres and we were pleased when saplings began to grow on the ‘back forty’. 

Being new to country life, we did not realize the danger of allowing Aspen trees to grow back there.  They are a beautiful, fast growing tree, but have a relatively short lifespan and a shallow root system, which has proven a disastrous combination as far as our fences are concerned.

In spite of the fact that the prevailing wind is from the West and trees are north of the pasture, they always manage to fall towards the fence!

We have been here more than forty years now and almost all of the Aspens are dead or dying.  After an unusually wet summer and a very wet and windy Fall, I am ready for more to come down.  Maybe – just maybe – they will fall the other way?

Home at Last

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I have my computer back at last.  Unfortunately, since everything had to be removed from my hard drive, it will take me a while to get everything back where it belongs.  I will have to hunt up software and reinstall it and then try to figure out what has been lost.  At least most of my photos still seem to be here – they are just not where they are supposed to be!

A bumper crop of mosquitoes and deer fly kept me off the trails in the Park for much of the summer, but Abbie and I are enjoying them now.  I found this unusual flower a few weeks ago.  According to my field guide it is a Bottle Gentian, and I have never seen one before.

It looks like we are coming to the end of our wonderful stretch of warm, sunny weather.  Today has been cloudy and cooler, and now the rain is starting.  It was great while it lasted, and maybe we will have a few more nice days before Winter begins to rear its ugly head!

A welcome visitor

I spotted this doe in the pasture a few days ago and managed to sneak down with my camera.  She was good enough to pose for me for a couple of minutes before hopping back over the fence to disappear into the woods.

Although we see them quite frequently on our property, it is always a thrill, especially if I have a camera handy.


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I harvested eight decorative gourds from my one remaining vine the other day.  We did not get as many different colors and shapes as in past seasons, but they are cute and will make nice Fall decorations.  I will store them in the basement until October.  Not much sign of new ones coming on the vine at the moment, but I will continue to keep it watered and see what happens.

No need to water today.  We had two inches of rain overnight.  Our lawn and pastures look happier already.  Amazing how quickly things can bounce back.  We must have been at least a month without significant rain.

The furnace people finally got our AC working today.  It is only 82 degrees out but very humid after last night’s rain, so we are glad of it.  I worked up quite a sweat doing barn chores this morning and it was wonderful to come back  to a cool, dry house.


Michigan Spring?

Twenty degrees when I went out this morning.  Good to see the sun, but we are going to be in the deep freeze for a while yet.  Got our cranky old four wheel drive truck started and ran it up and down the driveway to make it easier to get the car in and out. 

Our good friends just returned from a week in Florida.  Bet they wish they could have stayed down there for another week or so.

Michigan Springs are always a bit of a roller coaster ride weather-wise, but this is exceptional even for us!  Just have to hang on and be patient.

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