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Applewood Estate


More uncomfortably warm weather in the forecast, so I decided to take advantage of a cooler day to visit Applewood Estates in Flint.


This former home of the Charles Stewart Mott family was donated to the public, and is cared for by many dedicated volunteers.


Hydrangeas were putting on a lovely show.


Many wonderful photo ops.  A very pleasant place to spend and afternoon.


Day Trip


Last Friday, hot, humid weather promised to keep me cooped up in the house for most of the day, so I decided to seek some relief at Port Huron.

The linear park which runs under the Bluewater Bridge offers a great view of Lake Huron and the St. Claire River, and there is almost always a cooling breeze there.


It is always a thrill to see the big freighters make their careful way from Lake into the narrow confines of the river.


I think this guy was hoping for a handout from me, but I didn’t pack a lunch, so he was out of luck!


The bridge is well named, as the water here really is this blue.  The cooling breeze did not disappoint, and I enjoyed a nice, leisurely walk. Much as I appreciate my air conditioning at home, I would much rather be outside enjoying the sunshine than cooped up indoors.  It was well worth the drive.


June Blooms


Now that warmer weather has finally arrived, we are all playing catch-up with our outside chores, and I haven’t spent as much time with my camera as I would like.

I did manage to get a few shots on the morning walk the other day.  Found this Coreopsis growing at the Nature Conservancy. (Had to use a phone app to identify it!)


Irises are quickly fading, but I managed to find this beautiful bloom.


Lots of Wild Roses blooming in the Park, and I was happy to catch these with my pocket camera.

Lovely May


May is definitely one of my favorite months!  The newly sprouting leaves and grass are such a vivid green it almost hurts the eyes on a sunny day.

I came across my first Trillium last week.


Spent a happy hour or so at my favorite greenhouse on Wednesday.  Picked up a few annuals for my containers, but will need to go back for more.


I have to choose carefully as I do not have the greenest of thumbs, and my plants must be pretty hardy!

After a stretch of warmer days and a good bit of rain, mowing season is in full swing.  My lawn is divided up between front, side and back, and if I want to avoid having to do them all at once, I have to mow almost every day.  With riding mowers, it is no hardship to me, and gets me out into the sunshine.

April 18


Quite a few Common Mergansers visiting the Lake, but they are quite camera-shy.

IMG_4948 (2)

Finally managed to get a few photos before they all flew away.



Skunk Cabbage is finally beginning to appear in the woods.  Everything is going to be late this year.


These Wild Turkeys usually hang out in my ‘Back Forty’, but the other day they decided to visit my neighbor’s chickens!

Still Waiting!


March in Michigan is such a frustrating month!  The weather will smile on us with warm, sunny days, then suddenly turn and dump another load of snow on us, putting us back in the Deep Freeze again.


Suffering a bad case of Cabin Fever, I took a drive to Port Huron the other day to spend a little time enjoying Lake Michigan.  I had hoped to take a nice walk by the Bluewater Bridge, but the icy wind blowing off the Lake discouraged that.  I did manage to snap a few photos of a duck I did not recognize near the shore.


My trusty Field Guide identified it as a female Oldsquaw or Long-Tailed Duck. They are not native to Michigan, so must have stopped in on their way North.


The chilly temperatures help to keep my bird-feeder busy, and I managed some nice shots of this female Cardinal.

A Big Surprise


One of the photos in my last blog was taken during a hike my daughter and I took on the aptly named Castle Rock Trail.

When my age and the altitude caught up with me, I sat down to rest, taking time to study and photograph these impressive edifices.

IMG_1675 (2)

Suddenly I caught a glimpse of movement, way at the top of the rock-face and realized people were climbing way up there.  Fascinated, and somewhat horrified, I zoomed to get a better look.

IMG_1682 (2)

I soon realized they were actually on their way down.  How they got up there in the first place is a mystery to me!

Change of Pace


I just can’t bring myself to post yet more snow pictures, so I dug back in my Archives to find some scenes from a trip my daughter and I took to Utah in April 2014.


As a child I loved John Wayne westerns (still do)  and have always longed to ride a horse across the desert.   Our stay at Red Cliffs Lodge near Moab gave us the opportunity to do just that, and it was everything I had hoped for!


Going through these photos I can almost feel the hot sun on my skin, which helps to lift my spirits on this cold, snowy day!

Finding Color


I have lost count of the gloomy, wet and cloudy days we have experienced lately, but on Friday the sun paid us a brief visit, so I took the camera to the Park to find some color.


Wind and rain had stripped many of the leaves from the trees before they could turn, but I did find a few bright spots.


It was unseasonably warm again today, and we even had a brief thunder-storm, but colder temperatures are on the way and the next few nights will be below freezing.

I hung the bird feeder yesterday, and it is already doing a brisk trade.  I don’t put out seed in the summer as I find it draws squirrels, mice and the odd possum, which sends Abbie into a tizzy.  It always surprises me how quickly the birds discover it is back.  They must pass the word around to each other!




October 21st, 2017


Once again we are enjoying summer-like weather, and although I am enjoying it, I miss the vivid Fall colors we usually enjoy at this time of year.


This is a shot taken at this time last year across the same lake.


I will be glad when Daylight Saving Time ends in two weeks.  Abbie does not like to walk in the dark, and right now it is almost 8 before it gets light.  Since she and I are usually up before six, that seems a long time to wait!