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April Blooms


As the weather finally warms up, the wildflowers are starting to bloom in the woods.  Daffodils have been blooming at the nature conservancy for several weeks.  They do well here as the deer don’t seem to care for them!



Yellow Trout Lilies are among the first to bloom in the woods at the State Park, along with Spring Beauties.


Sat on my front porch, enjoying the sunshine the other day, when I felt something land on my head.  Carefully removed my hat to see what it was, and found this Tree Frog!  He hopped from my hat to my lap and rested there for a few minutes before making his way to the deck, which gave me the opportunity to fetch my camera.

I often find these guys hanging out in my flowers, but was surprised to see one this early in the season – especially on top of my head! 🙂



Signs of Summer


I was feeling a bit blue a couple of weeks ago, and decided one more trip to the nursery might lift my spirits.  Hard to feel sad among all the beautiful blooms.



Spotted this Tree Frog on my window the other night.  A sure sign of Summer.  He will leave sticky footprints on the window, but I really don’t mind. 🙂




Dame’s Rocket is making a fine showing in the woods and along the roadsides.  Our ever fickle weather has turned very hot today, with the promise of possible storms this afternoon.  A couple of days ago, I was running the furnace.  Looks like today we will be switching back to AC!  Gotta love Michigan! 🙂

Lovely May

Marsh Marigolds

Marsh Marigolds

May is one of the loveliest months here.  The trees are beginning to leaf out, and some are blossoming.  Swallows, House Wrens and Orioles have returned, and wildflowers are starting to bloom.

I came across some Trillium in the woods this morning, but it was raining so I did not bring a camera.  Perhaps the weather will be more cooperative tomorrow.  We have had a real taste of Summer the last few days, but now it is chilly and wet, but the forecast looks promising for the rest of the week.



I went to the Nature Conservancy to photograph the Marsh Marigolds, and was also able to get some good shots of a frog, who seemed content to ignore me as I crawled around on hands and knees, trying to get a good angle!IMG_4098

A Pleasant Surprise

Red and Yellow Flowers

Cooler temperatures have chased away the bugs for the time being, so Abbie and I took a walk at the Nature Conservancy a few days ago.

Could not find this flower in my Field Guide, maybe a fellow blogger can help me out?

Wild Turkeys

I was feeling chilly yesterday morning, and sat on our south-facing porch to warm up, and was surprised to see our resident flock of Wild Turkeys walking calmly across the front lawn.  We have seen quite a bit of them lately, but they are usually quite wary and we don’t often get a chance to get so close to them.

Tree Frog

This little guy climbs up our patio door on warm evenings. The sticky footprints don’t do a lot for my clean windows, but he is so cute, I  really don’t mind!


More from Meijer Gardens


Spring paid us a brief visit over the weekend.  Easter Sunday started out with some rain overnight but cleared to a warm and sunny afternoon.

The ice and snow were finally driven from the trails and Abbie and I took the opportunity to visit the Nature Conservancy for the first time in weeks.  The frogs were in full voice in the shallow pond near the entrance and I even spotted a few turtles sunning themselves.

The ice was beginning to retreat from the lake in the Park, but was back this morning as the temperatures dipped into the twenties once again, but we are supposed to warm up later in the week.  At least the sun is shining, which helps to lift the spirits.

Purple Orchid

Still  not being inspired to take photographs on my walks, but I have plenty to post from our visit to Meijer Gardens.Tree Nymph Butterfly


And Still Waiting!


So here we are nearing the end of March and the lakes and ponds are still frozen.  There was even a brave ice fisherman on the lake in the Park this morning.

Frog Usually by now we would be hearing  frogs begin their mating songs.  As the weather warms, and the ponds thaw, they begin.  It is very faint at first and you have to get close to hear them.  This takes some finesse for if you stray too close, they disappear under the water and stay silent for a while.  But if you are patient they will gradually come back, one by one and begin their songs again.

As the weather grows warmer, the volume increases, especially at night.  An expert can recognize each variety of frog by their different calls, but I am content just listening to them and trying to catch a glimpse of one on my walks.

Today is still chilly and grey, but at least it will be above freezing, so my Mum and I can enjoy our usual afternoon out.  The ten-day forecast looks fairly promising, but we are all beginning to lose faith in the Weatherman!


I came across this Bullfrog on my morning walk on Friday.  There were lots of smaller frogs around that morning, but they were too quick for me.  I almost missed seeing this guy as he sat quietly a foot or so from the bank.

Today we spotted this Dragonfly on the trail at the Nature Conservancy.  He was so still, we thought he might be dead, but he moved when my husband gently touched a wing.  He was warming himself in the sun – probably drying his wings after the dewy night.

We were hoping the hurricane would bring us some rain, but have been disappointed yet again. We had our septic tank pumped a couple of weeks ago, (One of the joys of Country Living!) and without much hope of success, I have planted grass seed over the area that was dug up.  I have been faithfully watering it, but would really welcome some help from Mother Nature!

Frog Challenge

I took advantage of a slightly cooler morning to clean the fountain on the back deck.  It turned out to be quite a challenge.  A frog has taken up residence in the pump chamber.  Even after I had emptied out all the water, he refused to leave so I had to clean around him as best I could.  Eventually he hopped on to the deck railing and waited there for me to reassemble his home.  Within minutes he had wiggled back inside the pump chamber where I hope he will help keep the mosquito lava down.

I have two whisky barrel planters on the front deck.  The deck faces south and is in full sun, and many plants don’t do well there.  My daughter suggested I try Moss Roses, which are drought tolerant and seem to thrive on benign neglect.  I took her advice and am very pleased with the result, especially since we are having such an unusually hot summer.

After many days of temperatures at or close to 100 degrees, we are promised cooler temperatures tomorrow.  Already I can feel a difference in the air.  The humidity seems to be dropping and there is a nice breeze.  It is still close to ninety degrees, but does not feel as oppressive as it has.


It’s not often easy to get photos of frogs.  They tend to dive into the water and disappear when I approach, but Abbie and I came across this handsome fellow sitting smack in the middle of the trail in the Park the other day.  He didn’t move when Abbie ran by, or when I almost stepped on him and was kind enough to sit quietly while I snapped a few photos.

Yesterday we went to the Nature Conservancy and spotted some in one of the ponds.  The water is so scummy after the long dry spell that they were hard to spot, but they too were kind enough to pose for me while I snapped away.

It is going to be hot and sticky for the next few days, and still no sign of rain for us.  Still, after seeing what the poor people of Colorado and Florida are going through we will not complain.  It could always be worse.