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November 1, 2017


We have not seen much of the sun lately, and even had a dusting of snow on the ground yesterday morning. I have not been inspired to take the camera out, so I searched my archives for some photos to post.


In June I spent an afternoon just driving around the back roads looking for interesting barns to photograph.


These fine old buildings have so much more character than the more practical barns of today.



Bluewater Bridge


The weather gods smiled on us for most of the Memorial Day weekend. I was feeling a little down, so I decided to ignore the many outside chores awaiting me and drove out to Port Huron to enjoy the lake and the sunshine.


Took a pleasant stroll under the bridge, then found my way to the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse.  It was built in 1829 and is the oldest operating lighthouse in Michigan. It was built to help guide ships through the entrance to the St. Clair River.


The lighthouse eventually required two keepers and the brick duplex was added around 1880 to house the keepers and their families.

By three o’clock, clouds started to move in threatening rain, so I headed home.  The chores were still waiting, but I was glad I had taken some time to relax and enjoy the day.


One Man’s Blight


Abandoned House

This house in our neighborhood was abandoned long before we moved here, and it has always fascinated me.  I have tried to photograph it several times, but since it faces north, the front is almost always in shadow and I have not been able to do it justice.

When we moved here forty plus years ago, it still appeared to be structurally sound, and I often wondered why it was abandoned.  The people who own it built a newer (and uglier) house next door and as far as I know still live there.

Last week, our local fire department burned it down as a training exercise.  Township officials said it had become a blight on the neighborhood and needed to come down.

Maybe I am crazy, but I have always thought it was a beautiful house, even in its dilapidated condition, and I will miss seeing it when I drive by.