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Signs of the Season


As May gives way to June, The Black Locust Trees are blossoming.  The white blossoms show up particularly well against a clear blue sky.


Dame’s Rocket is also blooming now, and is putting on a colorful show in the woods and roadsides.  Sometimes I am frustrated at how well they thrive without human assistance, while the flowers in my garden often struggle and die in spite of (or perhaps because of) my tender loving care!


There are at least three families of Canada Geese in the Park.  Hard to get good photos as the parents are very protective and like to keep their distance.


Looks like my semi-wild apple trees will have a good crop this year.  These trees must have been planted by the people who owned the land before we moved here, and I have never sprayed or given them any care.  I just leave the apples for the deer to enjoy.



May 23, 2017


My offering of grape jelly has attracted at least one pair of Orioles to my deck. They are quite wary and usually fly away as soon as I pick up the camera, but I managed to catch this one the other day.  I have also seen a male Hummingbird at the feeder I put out a few days ago, and business should pick up once the young ones fledge.


We have had a lot of windy days lately, which makes wildflower photography quite difficult, but I managed to snap a couple of Trillium in the woods the other day.IMG_4289

Oak Trees are among the last to leaf out, and the tiny new leaves are bright red.


Young Pine cones are quite colorful too, and it looks like there will be a good crop this year.

April Blooms


As the weather finally warms up, the wildflowers are starting to bloom in the woods.  Daffodils have been blooming at the nature conservancy for several weeks.  They do well here as the deer don’t seem to care for them!



Yellow Trout Lilies are among the first to bloom in the woods at the State Park, along with Spring Beauties.


Sat on my front porch, enjoying the sunshine the other day, when I felt something land on my head.  Carefully removed my hat to see what it was, and found this Tree Frog!  He hopped from my hat to my lap and rested there for a few minutes before making his way to the deck, which gave me the opportunity to fetch my camera.

I often find these guys hanging out in my flowers, but was surprised to see one this early in the season – especially on top of my head! 🙂


September Thoughts


As chillier mornings chase away the Mosquitoes and Deerfly from the woods, Abbie and I have been taking some of our walks at the Nature Conservancy.


Cup Flowers are beginning to bloom there, and wild grapes are ripening.  Looks like there will be a good crop this year.


I have been driving by this pond all Summer, and haven’t once spotted Blue Heron there.  Wouldn’t you know I would spot one when I don’t have a long lens with me!

July 24

IMG_3583In spite of a long dry spell, my Daylilies did well this year.


The drought seems to have broken now, with a few storms bringing some much needed rain. My lawn finally lookes like a lawn again, and is no longer crunchy underfoot.


Lots of Butterfly Weed around too, which, according to my Field Guide will continue to bloom through September.

Signs of Summer


I was feeling a bit blue a couple of weeks ago, and decided one more trip to the nursery might lift my spirits.  Hard to feel sad among all the beautiful blooms.



Spotted this Tree Frog on my window the other night.  A sure sign of Summer.  He will leave sticky footprints on the window, but I really don’t mind. 🙂




Dame’s Rocket is making a fine showing in the woods and along the roadsides.  Our ever fickle weather has turned very hot today, with the promise of possible storms this afternoon.  A couple of days ago, I was running the furnace.  Looks like today we will be switching back to AC!  Gotta love Michigan! 🙂

Sweet May


In spite of an unusually chilly, and very wet April, Wildflowers are beginning to appear in the woods.


Bright yellow Marsh Marigolds are easy to spot, and are thriving in the very wet conditions.


Trillium are a little harder to find, but are beginning to pop up here and there.


Early mornings are full of birdsong now, and the Robins and Blackbirds have been joined by Orioles, Wrens and Swallows.  It looks like a pair of Swallows will be setting up house in our barn again this year, and they are always welcome.

Early Signs


Although it is now officially Autumn, we have been enjoying some of the nicest weather we have had all Summer. I am trying to make the most of it, because I know it cannot last too much longer.  IMG_3099

It has been a good year for Cupflowers. I notice lots of them at the roadsides and I have a nice plot of them out by the barn.  They don’t do so well in dry years, especially in our sandy soil.IMG_3111After a chilly night, the lake steams gently as the sun rises.IMG_3096

In spite of the mild weather, a few leaves are beginning to turn, but it will take some frosty nights to make the colors really pop.

Fungi and Flowers


After all the rain we have had this Summer, we are finding lots of Fungi on our walks.  This colorful group popped up overnight in the Park.


I first came across Jewelweed at the Nature Conservancy, but this year have found it in the Park, and even growing beside our road.  It must be a good year for it.IMG_3068 After a week or so of hot, humid weather, we are back to unseasonably chilly days and the temperature dropped into the 40’s last night.  Am trying to make the most of these cooler, bug-free days to catch up on outside chores, and enjoy longer walks in the woods with Abbie.IMG_3064There is definitely a feeling of Fall in the air.  A few leaves are already falling and the light is changing subtly as the sun moves towards the South.  The Summer birds are gathering together, preparing for their long journey South. Sometimes I envy them, being able to just fly away from the ice and snow to come!

This and That

Common Chicory

Common Chicory

We have finally been blessed with some drier weather, and I am beginning to catch up on mowing and other outside chores.  

Lots of Common Chicory blooming in the Park and along the roadsides.


It took me a while to find the Buttonbush flower in my field guide, because, as the name implies, it is a bush, not a flower!


This fountain stands outside my Urologist’s office.  I do love a doctor with a sense of humor! 🙂

The cooler, drier weather has given us a hint of Autumn, especially on our early morning walks, and I am treasuring these late Summer days.  Winter will be here all too soon!