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Escaping The Heat


Saturday promised to be too warm for working outside, and Lake Huron was calling, so I once again headed East.


I headed north from Port Huron, stopping first at Port Hope, then continued on to Lexington.


The jetty at Lexington Harbor has a paved walk, which takes you right out into the Lake, where a stiff breeze tempered the heat, and offered wonderful views.

Today is going to be even warmer, and I will soon have to break down and put on the AC.  I much prefer open windows and fresh air,  but as the outside temperature approaches 90 degrees, I reluctantly close the house up and flip the switch, grateful that I have this option.

Bluewater Bridge


The weather gods smiled on us for most of the Memorial Day weekend. I was feeling a little down, so I decided to ignore the many outside chores awaiting me and drove out to Port Huron to enjoy the lake and the sunshine.


Took a pleasant stroll under the bridge, then found my way to the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse.  It was built in 1829 and is the oldest operating lighthouse in Michigan. It was built to help guide ships through the entrance to the St. Clair River.


The lighthouse eventually required two keepers and the brick duplex was added around 1880 to house the keepers and their families.

By three o’clock, clouds started to move in threatening rain, so I headed home.  The chores were still waiting, but I was glad I had taken some time to relax and enjoy the day.


A Trip to WoJo’s


It has been a sad and difficult week for me, and I was becoming quite depressed. But after complaining for so long about the nasty weather, I was determined not to waste a beautiful, sunny Saturday feeling down, so I set off for my favorite nursery to buy and photograph some flowers.


Coming upon an unexpected road closure and getting lost on the way there was just the way my week had been going, but I resisted the urge to simply give up and go home, and eventually found my way there by an alternate route.


The nursery was crazy busy as it always is the Saturday before Mother’s Day, but the colors and scents did help to lift my mood.


We are not usually safe from frost here until the end of May, but since all my plants will be in containers, I can plant some early, and bring them in for a night if need be.

No Lamb in Sight!


Well, we are now almost halfway through March, and there is no sign of any lambs yet!  Last Wednesday falling temperatures and high winds knocked out power to a good part of the state, and I was without heat, light and water from Wednesday until Friday.  I heard on the news this morning, that there are many people still out, and I really feel for them.

The lake in the Park, which was completely free of ice a couple of weeks ago, is now almost completely frozen over, and to add insult to injury, we have several inches of snow on the ground.


I finally managed a couple of shots of a male Cardinal as he waited his turn at the feeder.  The feeder has been busy and I hope my offerings are helping these tiny creatures make it through the bitterly cold nights.


This Tree Sparrow was almost too quick for me, but I managed to catch him in flight.

Less than a week until the Official start of Spring.  If only Mother Nature would cooperate!

Icy Stream


We managed another walk at the Conservatory the other day.  Still some ice and snow on the trails, so I had to tread carefully, but was glad I made the effort.

The level of the stream was down a little since I was here last, and snow and ice made for some interesting shots.


Scared up at least a dozen deer from the meadow.  The most I have seen since hunting season ended.  Unfortunately they spotted me before I realized they were there, so all I saw was white tails disappearing into the woods.  No chance for a photo. 😦

Nature Conservancy


We managed a walk at the Nature Conservancy last week.  As I expected, the stream there was very high from all the rain and snow melt we have had.


We have several inches of snow on the ground now, so I probably won’t walk there again until the footing improves.

New Snow


I was surprised to wake up to a couple of inches of snow on the ground this morning.  Not sure it was in the forecast.


Apart from the inconvenience of having to shovel my way to the barn, it was not unwelcome.  After so many dull and gloomy days, it did brighten up the landscape, and I even caught a glimpse of blue sky, which means we might actually see the sun today!


It does make a welcome change from all the foggy, wet days we have been experiencing for the last few weeks.

More snow heading our way tonight, so will have to gear up for Winter again.


More from The Bridge


It was good to see plenty of ducks, seagulls and geese when I visited the Bluewater Bridge on Monday.  We have not seen any of these birds around here since the lakes froze before Christmas.


Have not seen the sun again since Monday, and more gloomy days are predicted, along with falling temperatures.  Just a reminder that it is still January, and we shouldn’t get too used to the above normal temperatures! 🙂


Still, we are just a few days away from February (the shortest month, thank goodness), and the days are getting noticeably longer.  I can push back Abbie’s evening walk until 5:30 and still have enough light to see what she is up to.


Day Trip


Although I am grateful for the milder temperatures we have been experiencing lately, I am finding the dull, cloudy days a bit depressing.  So on Thursday, when the sun suddenly appeared, I dropped everything to drive to Port Huron and the Bluewater Bridge.


As I drove east, it was soon apparent there would be no sun at my destination, but I pressed on anyway.

Once at the park beneath the bridge, I found the river was completely ice-free.  The lake was shrouded in fog, so I could not tell if it was iced in, but the appearance of a boat approaching told me it must be at least partially open.


I was excited to see it was the Coastguard Cutter, which moors just south of the Bridge. Nice photo ops, even with less than ideal lighting.

More Weather Woes


The warmer temperatures have continue to be a mixed blessing.  Freezing rain on Monday, followed by rain through the night left my corral far too slippery for the horses.  Had to keep them in all day yesterday, which is not good for their arthritic joints, but I don’t think they should be taking up ice skating at this stage of their lives!


Even though the light was not good, could not resist trying to get some photos of a ghostly looking lake.


Not sure how much rain we have had over the last few days, but it must have been quite a bit.  The spillway from the lake is in full spate.