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September Mornings


As Summer winds down, chilly nights often bring foggy mornings.  Although I don’t look forward to the cold weather to come, I do enjoy walking in the fog.  It muffles sound and gives me a feeling of privacy.


The campground in the Park was full to capacity over the holiday weekend, and even though a few stragglers remained this morning, they were hidden from my view.  Abbie and I do enjoy having the Park all to ourselves!


I came across some Jewelweed growing next to the lake, and the moisture clinging to its petals really helped it live up to its colorful name.


Hummingbirds have been busy at my feeder, packing on the calories before heading south for the winter.  I envy them.  I have always said if I had wings and no job, I would head south for the winter too!




May 23, 2017


My offering of grape jelly has attracted at least one pair of Orioles to my deck. They are quite wary and usually fly away as soon as I pick up the camera, but I managed to catch this one the other day.  I have also seen a male Hummingbird at the feeder I put out a few days ago, and business should pick up once the young ones fledge.


We have had a lot of windy days lately, which makes wildflower photography quite difficult, but I managed to snap a couple of Trillium in the woods the other day.IMG_4289

Oak Trees are among the last to leaf out, and the tiny new leaves are bright red.


Young Pine cones are quite colorful too, and it looks like there will be a good crop this year.

No Lamb in Sight!


Well, we are now almost halfway through March, and there is no sign of any lambs yet!  Last Wednesday falling temperatures and high winds knocked out power to a good part of the state, and I was without heat, light and water from Wednesday until Friday.  I heard on the news this morning, that there are many people still out, and I really feel for them.

The lake in the Park, which was completely free of ice a couple of weeks ago, is now almost completely frozen over, and to add insult to injury, we have several inches of snow on the ground.


I finally managed a couple of shots of a male Cardinal as he waited his turn at the feeder.  The feeder has been busy and I hope my offerings are helping these tiny creatures make it through the bitterly cold nights.


This Tree Sparrow was almost too quick for me, but I managed to catch him in flight.

Less than a week until the Official start of Spring.  If only Mother Nature would cooperate!

In Like a Lion


I hope the old saying that if March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb holds true, because we are truly back in the deep freeze now!  Wednesday night brought falling temperatures and blowing snow, and after a couple of bitterly cold days and nights, the lake, which was ice-free last week is now starting to ice over again.


My feeder is once more doing a brisk trade and I notice Goldfinches are showing signs of changing to their bright Summer plumage, which is a hopeful sign.


A couple of pairs of Cardinals have been regular visitors, but they have been hard to capture.  They usually take off the minute I pick up the camera!



Signs of Spring


After about a week of unseasonably warm temperatures, we are seeing quite a few signs of Spring.  The ice has retreated from the lakes and ponds, and the Canada Geese are back in force.


The Pussy Willow is beginning to bud, and the Park was full of the sound of Redwing Blackbirds this morning.  Not only are the Robins back, but I actually heard one singing the other day!


I have been a little lax in refilling my bird feeder, but with the snow all gone, and the summer-like temperatures, I don’t think it is needed as much.


Today is wet and chilly, and colder temperatures are on the way, but these last few warm, sunny days have been a wonderful break.  March in Michigan is very unpredictable.  It often brings warmth and sunshine, followed by a major snowstorm, so we cannot afford to let our guard down just yet!

Oak Leaves On Ice


Our weather continues to be very changeable.  We had another warm-up yesterday, but it rained all day, so it wasn’t pleasant.

We were back to freezing this morning and I captured these oak leaves on a frozen puddle in the Park.


Frost decorated this fence-post a few mornings ago.


My bird feeder continues to be busy.  Some days the birds are lining up on the deck railing, waiting for a turn!  I especially enjoy the Chickadees.  Always cheerful, even on the coldest days, and so bold, they will sometimes land on the feeder before I have it on the hook!

More from The Bridge


It was good to see plenty of ducks, seagulls and geese when I visited the Bluewater Bridge on Monday.  We have not seen any of these birds around here since the lakes froze before Christmas.


Have not seen the sun again since Monday, and more gloomy days are predicted, along with falling temperatures.  Just a reminder that it is still January, and we shouldn’t get too used to the above normal temperatures! 🙂


Still, we are just a few days away from February (the shortest month, thank goodness), and the days are getting noticeably longer.  I can push back Abbie’s evening walk until 5:30 and still have enough light to see what she is up to.


Arctic Blast


According to the calendar, Winter has not arrived yet, but it sure feels like it has here in Michigan.  The ‘measurable snow’ we were promised turned out to be about 10 inches, and it has been followed by brutally cold temperatures, with high winds.  To add insult to injury, more snow is promised for the weekend.



The bitter weather has brought lots of birds to my feeder.  I was excited to see this Red Breasted Nuthatch today.  They only visit me occasionally.


I  was amused to see this Titmouse using my Christmas lights as a perch. 🙂

Lilacs and Orioles

IMG_3514At the beginning of May, I came down with a miserable cold.  The wet, chilly weather was no help.  On May 15, I lay down for a nap and when I awoke, this was the scene that greeted me.  I snapped a couple of photos, and crawled back under the afghan in disgust!

Just when we were beginning give up hope, the weather did a sharp about-face, and we now seem to have jumped right from Winter into Summer.  Temperatures much above normal, and lots of sunshine.


The scent of Lilac and Russian Olive blossoms fill the air, and early mornings are full of birdsong.


The Orioles have been regular visitors to our deck, enjoying the Grape Jelly I put out for them.  Sometimes a pair of Purple Finches sneak in for a taste too.

Sweet May


In spite of an unusually chilly, and very wet April, Wildflowers are beginning to appear in the woods.


Bright yellow Marsh Marigolds are easy to spot, and are thriving in the very wet conditions.


Trillium are a little harder to find, but are beginning to pop up here and there.


Early mornings are full of birdsong now, and the Robins and Blackbirds have been joined by Orioles, Wrens and Swallows.  It looks like a pair of Swallows will be setting up house in our barn again this year, and they are always welcome.