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In Like A Lion

IMG_3364If the old saying about March coming in like a lion and out like a lamb holds true, we just might be in for an early Spring. (Hope I am not jinxing it by writing this!)IMG_3367_1

The 14 inches of snow which was dumped on us in late February, was quickly melted by some unusually mild days, but less than a week later, Mother Nature turned on us and blessed us with another 8 or more inches.  We were once more scrambling to reschedule appointments and call for the snowplough.  At least the power didn’t go out on us this time!IMG_3366

This storm was followed by what seemed like an endless string of bitterly cold days, but we are finally back to some wonderful Springlike days.  Robins are back in evidence, and I even heard one singing this morning as I was coming back from the barn.

I have dared to remove the heated water buckets from the horse stalls, but I am keeping them handy just in case.  I have lived in Michigan long enough never to take weather for granted, especially at this time of year!


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