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Wild Geranium

                                                                     Wild Geranium

I finally got my camera back from the repair shop on Friday.  

To celebrate the fact that it only needed a minor repair after its horrifying trip down the basement stairs, I splurged on a Macro lens, and I am having fun experimenting with it.

So much is in blossom right now, I have plenty of subjects to practise on.

As the Trillium begins to fade, Wild Geraniums are coming into their own, and the sweet smell of Russian Olive blossom fills the air.



The humble Dandelion is such an underappreciated flower.  We spend so much time and effort trying to banish it from our lawns, we seldom look closely enough to notice how beautiful they are!

Woodland Trail

                                                                                Woodland Trail

Sunlight falling through the new leaves brings a special beauty to the woods at this time of year. May is one of my favorite months, so full of lush new growth and the promise of warmer days to come.  


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