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Pussy Willow

Pussy Willow

At this time of year it is so good to see the snow melt away, but what it leaves behind is less than attractive. Everything looks beaten down and lifeless, with little color, unless one is very fond of ‘earth tones’! 🙂  Now we are waiting for things to start to green up and look pretty again.IMG_2621  

Some warmer temperatures and April rain have begun the slow transformation, and if I look hard enough I can find some nice photo ops on my walks.

American Robin

American Robin

The Park is full of Redwing Blackbirds and Robins, and this one was good enough to pose for me this morning.

Our pasture has greened up enough to give the horses something to nibble on, which helps keep them occupied and out of mischief!

I have been able to put away the heated buckets for the season, and barn chores are much easier now that even nighttime temperatures are staying mostly above freezing.

Life is good!



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