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Bitter Nights

IMG_2481_1Bitterly cold nights have been giving way to sunny days, which make the chillier than normal temperatures easier to bear.  The sun is rising earlier and setting later, which helps turn our thoughts toward Spring.  We still have a long way to go, (and that wretched Groundhog will probably see his shadow February 2nd), but I am feeling a little more optimistic these days.IMG_2483_1My morning walks have been bone chillingly cold, but the sun adds sparkle to the snow and the trees, encouraging me to risk frozen fingers to snap a few photos.IMG_2484_1_1_1Abbie doesn’t seem to mind the cold, nosing through the snow in search of interesting smells.

A man on the radio informed us the other day that the whole country experienced a warmer than normal 2014 – except Michigan! Of course, we already knew that, but now it is official! 🙂  I take Climate Change very seriously, and do what I can to limit my Carbon Footprint, but I really would appreciate a little Global Warming coming our way! 


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