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Cooler Days

Pinewood Trail

Pinewood Trail

Cooler, drier weather allowed me to walk the trails without being eaten alive by mosquitoes.  Abbie and I enjoyed a nice long hike at the Nature Conservancy, and my husband and I were able to replace a broken fence post on one of the pastures.




Came across a large frog at the edge of the lake the other day.  Usually they slip away under the water before we can get close enough for photos, but this one didn’t even seem to notice me snapping away with my camera.

Wild Roses

Wild Roses

We are back to warm and humid weather now, with the possibility of storms and the Deer Fly are making themselves known.  They buzz around our heads and bite Abbie’s ears, making our walks much less enjoyable.

Will have to grin and bear it for at least the next week or so, and hope drier air will move in soon.



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