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HoarfrostUnfortunately, the Weather Man was spot on with his forecast and it snowed all day Saturday, so we were snowed in yet again for most of Sunday.  The temperature dipped below zero overnight, but the sky cleared and we awoke to a magical world.

The cold night had frosted the trees, so that every twig sparkled in the sun.  I was actually inspired to get outside with my camera for the first time in days. Temperatures are still well below normal, but bright sun at least gives the illusion of warmth!  Our large living-room window faces south and we are glad to take advantage of the free heat.  It will fade the furniture, but I don’t really care.  It just feels so good!Black and Orange CatsBoo and Otis were quick to take advantage of the sun shining into the barn, climbing down from their snug nest in the hay to soak up the warmth.  Sunny and Twiggy seemed to be enjoying it too.
Palomino Horses
The good news is, our road has been plowed, so at least we could get out today.  The bad news is, the plow took out our mailbox!  You win some – you lose some! 🙂


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