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Red CardinalWith the onset of yet more bitterly cold weather, our bird feeder has been doing a brisk trade.

I was fortunate enough yesterday to catch a couple of good shots of this Cardinal.  They don’t come to the feeder very often and are easily spooked.  Also, since the feeder hangs on the north side of the house, lighting is seldom optimal.Nuthatch This White Breasted Nuthatch was kind enough to pose in the sun for me before flitting to the feeder.

When cleaning out the pantry the other day, I came across some stale peanuts.  Not wanting to waste them, I thought about putting them out for the birds, along with the Sunflower seeds and suet cake we are already feeding, but was afraid of attracting less desirable critters such as Possums and Raccoon, especially at night.  I started by putting a handful or so out at a time, and they were gone in minutes.  No chance of any being left over come nightfall! 🙂Titmouse with PeanutJust caught this Titmouse as he snagged a peanut.  Within half an hour this whole dish was empty!


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