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Utah DesertIn April 2012, my daughter and I spent a few days in Utah.  As a child, I loved Westerns and always dreamed of riding a horse across the desert.

Noodling around on the computer one dreary, winter day I came across a resort which offered exactly that. They kept their own stable of well-trained horses, and offered trail rides, even overnight ones, if one didn’t mind sleeping on the ground. (I passed on that one.)

It sounded like a vacation right up my alley, but perhaps not so much for my husband. However, my daughter jumped at the chance to go with me, and we had a wonderful time. The trail ride was everything we hoped it would be.  In fact, my daughter enjoyed it so much, she went again the next day!Red CliffsA couple of weeks ago, I booked a room a the same resort for the end of April. Whenever this seemingly endless Winter starts to get me down, I pull up some of my Utah photos, and dream of hot sun, blue skies and those magnificent Red Cliffs.


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