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Cabin Fever

Snowy Chimenea Once more, we are trapped inside by bad weather. Snow began falling yesterday evening, and is not due to stop until early tomorrow morning.  The latest forecast promises up to 15 inches of new snow and we already had quite a bit on the ground!

As if that wasn’t daunting enough, temperatures are going to plummet and high winds will cause blowing and drifting.  I think we are in for a rough couple of days.Palomino in snowToday has been relatively mild, with temperatures almost up to freezing.  My poor horses would be more comfortable if it was colder.  When it is very cold, the snow collects on their backs and can  easily be brushed off when they come in for the night.  Today it is warm enough for the snow to melt on their backs, making them itchy and irritable.Palominos in SnowWe will bring them into the barn before dark and make sure they are dry before the bitter temperatures arrive.  Once they are dry, the cold will not bother them.



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