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Fire DamageWe received word on Tuesday evening that there was a bad fire in our nearby town of Lapeer.  First impressions were that the whole city block of historic buildings would be destroyed.

The fire began in apartments next to The Pix Theater.  When we moved to this area, The Pix was a rather run-down cinema, where for the princely sum of $2.00 we could see movies which were nearing the end of their run.

After it went out of business as a cinema, the people of Lapeer worked very hard to bring new life to the old building.  It took years of hard work, but gradually it was refurbished to accommodate live performances and it has now become a full-time cultural center, hosting professional and amateur acts of all kinds.   Many people would have been heart-broken to see it destroyed.

After the Fire

Thanks to heroic efforts from multiple fire departments (all volunteer) the fire was contained to the one building and although The Pix and other buildings on the block sustained smoke and water damage, it looks like all but the apartments where the fire originated will survive.


The fire began around 7 in the evening, and when we arrived in town the following day at around noon, the firemen were still there.  I would have liked to give them a big hug and thank them, but they were busy trying to wrestle a frozen hose back onto the rig and I didn’t want to get in their way.  They are certainly heroes in my book!


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