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Preening Time

Herring Gull

After yet another long, hot day, we did not feel like cooking so we headed to our favorite restaurant for dinner.  Castaways is an out-of-the-way place overlooking Lake Nepessing.  We arrived at was apparently preening time for the Seagulls and they were happy to pose for me as I snapped away with my camera.

There was plenty of activity on the lake as people sought relief from the heat, but the birds didn’t seem to mind.  Guess they are used to it.

Resting Terns

I was surprised to see a pair of Terns among the Gulls.  I have never seen them at this lake before and they too, allowed me to get close enough for some decent photos.

Our long-awaited cold front is supposed to arrive later on today, bringing us some relief from the heat and humidity.  In the Winter, we often complain when a weather system moves in from Canada, bringing frigid air, but after a week of above 90 degrees we will more than welcome it.  Unfortunately, the sudden change will probably bring storms, some of them severe, so we will have to be on our guard.


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