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A Welcome Break


The hot, humid weather that has had us in its grip has moved on for now, leaving us with some picture perfect Summer Days.  Clear, blue skies and cool breezes and nighttime temperatures great for sleeping.  For two days we have been able to shut off the AC and open the windows to enjoy the fresh air.

Came across quite a few Dragonflies when I was photographing wildflowers the other day.  I understand they eat Mosquitoes, so they are definitely a welcome sight!


Our rain totals are still well above normal which means the Robins are having a great season.  There has been no shortage of worms so far this year!  The Orioles are still visiting our deck regularly and are almost halfway through a second large jar of grape jelly.  This morning I was scolded for being on the deck when one of them wanted to come and feed.  They are becoming quite bold.

Chipping Sparrow

Managed to photograph this Chipping Sparrow this morning just before the Oriole chased me in off the deck.

Before we could even finish repairing our tree damaged pasture fence, yet another storm rolled through, bringing down another  large limb onto the corral fence.  We had to call out the tree service once more to have it removed before it could cause more damage.  When my sister and I were small and living in the East End of London, my mother’s dearest wish was for us to live where there were trees.  I doubt she could have envisioned a time I would be paying out hard-earned money to have them chopped down!  Guess it comes under the heading of being careful what we wish for!

Brian and I do love our trees, but have learned the hard way not to allow them to grow too close to the fences!



4 responses

  1. I have many times tried to take a photo of a dragonfly….but they continue to elude me!

    June 9, 2014 at 2:58 am

    • They are challenging. I was lucky this one stayed still long enough for me to get a shot.

      June 9, 2014 at 8:49 am

  2. Forest So Green

    Yes, the dragon flies eat the mosquitoes!

    July 12, 2013 at 8:05 pm

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