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Fishing Pier

Had to take a few days off from the blog as I was down with another bug.  This one landed me in the hospital, where I was poked, prodded and not allowed to sleep. Did not seem like a good recipe to make me feel better, but either because of, or in spite of the treatment, I am slowly improving, and am grateful to be home.

Brian has had to take over dog walking duties for now, so I haven’t been out with the camera. This shot taken last week in the Park.

Cat drinking from fountainEvery morning, Boo comes to drink from the fountain on the deck.  Not sure why this water appeals to him more than what is in his bowl in the barn, but it does.

We had more rain yesterday and overnight, but the sun is shining brightly now, so I hope to catch up on some of the mowing.   It is nice to see the lawn looking so lush and green, but it sure gives the mower a workout!



5 responses

  1. Hope you’re feeling much better now.

    June 14, 2013 at 6:13 am

  2. Forest So Green

    Hope you feel better soon

    June 13, 2013 at 1:06 pm

    • Thanks. I hope so too. Thanks for visiting.

      June 13, 2013 at 2:22 pm

  3. Lovely shots you posted. I’m glad that you are well enough to be back at home sweet home.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

    June 13, 2013 at 11:22 am

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