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On a Clear Day

White BlossomsCooler, drier air has moved in and I am struck with how sharp and clear everything looks.  The quality of the light changes completely as the humidity drops.  It reminds me of the moment an image comes into focus through the viewfinder of the camera, or donning a new pair of glasses.  The Black Locust blossoms looked stunning against the blue sky in the Park this morning.

ButterflyGot a nice shot of this butterfly today as it paused to drink from the wet grass.  It even kept its wings open for me!

Swans on Lake

Our resident swans were hanging out near the beach in the Park this morning.  We haven’t seen them lately.  They may have been hanging out at the far end of the lake, or perhaps visiting other lakes in the area.  They tend to make themselves scarce when the Park gets busy.


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