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A Change of Scene


On Monday, I took another trip to the greenhouse and planted some flowers, in the hopes that our frosty nights are behind us.  My gardening efforts are minimal.  My excuse being that our soil here is very poor, but I must admit I am totally lacking in a ‘Green Thumb’!  Consequently, I confine my efforts to containers.  This means more watering, but much less weeding, and the ‘garden’ is basically portable, so I can move things in and out of the shade as needed.

Wild Turkeys

My camera and I were in need of a change of scene, so when I finished planting  flowers, I ditched the mowing I should have been doing to visit Seven Ponds Nature Center in Dryden.  Was surprised to come across these Wild Turkeys right outside the Visitors Center.  They seemed quite tame, and I didn’t even need my long lens to get some nice shots of them.

Purple FlowerThunderstorms and Tornadoes moved through our area last night, but once again, we missed the worst of it.  We did get a good two inches of rain, which I hope my newly planted flowers appreciated.  Guess I won’t have to water anything for a while!


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