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Apple Blossom Time

Apple Blossoms

We have some old, neglected apple trees on our ‘back forty’.  They must have been planted by the people who owned the land before us.  We have never pruned or cared for them, so the apples are not good eating, but our horses and the deer enjoy them.  I love seeing the deer balancing carefully on their hind legs to reach the higher apples.

Apple Blossoms

Last year a late cold snap killed off the blossoms and we did not get any apples, but things look a bit more promising this year.  The temperature did drop below freezing last night, but we are promised warmer weather for the rest of the week.

Apple BlossomsIt is probably past time for me put out the Hummingbird feeder.  We usually hang one by our patio door, and if I am not prompt enough in putting it out they will come and hover outside, looking in as if to remind us that we are falling down on the job!  Better get busy and mix up some sugar-water!



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