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Signs of Spring

Mute Swan Pair

In spite of the cold mornings, the Park has been alive with birds lately.  Robins are everywhere, and I am sure they are enjoying a worm bonanza after all the rain we have had.

The swans are back on the lake and a couple of mornings we spotted a pair of Sandhill Cranes at the edge of the lake.  I have also caught glimpses of migrating Common Mergansers and a lone Bufflehead. They are probably just taking a break and will head further north before Summer.

The road leading to the farthest campground in the Park has been closed for the Winter, but has finally been opened for the season, so we have been taking our walks there.  Could be a while before we see any campers up there, unless the weather warms up, so we have it to ourselves for the time being.

For some time I have been considering updating my camera, and last week, we finally took the plunge and purchased a Rebel T4i.  I am just beginning to learn how to ‘drive’ it, but so far am very pleased with it. It is much better in low light than my old camera, and since the sun seems to have deserted us forever, that is a very good thing!

Dog Portrait


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