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Possum Adventure


Recently we discovered a young Possum had taken up residence in our barn.   We work hard to discourage such visitors as they can carry disease to the horses and pose a risk to the barn cats should there be a confrontation.

Brian set up the live trap with a little cat food as bait, so that we could relocate him, and on Saturday night we caught him.

Brian loaded the trap into the back of the truck and set off to find a quiet spot to release him.  We have done this before with Raccoons and they are more than happy to exit the cage as soon as it is opened.

Not so with Possums!  When Brian opened the cage and gave it a shake the critter hung on for dear life and refused to come out.  He drove on for a while longer, hoping the bouncing of the truck on the dirt road would convince him to let go, and it eventually did come out of the cage, but then refused to get out of the truck bed.  Brian finally had to use a stick to gently prod it into leaving.

I hope he settles happily into his new home and doesn’t find his way back here.


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