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Longer Days

Snowy Trail

Snowmobiles have been through the campground in the Park, packing down the snow and making good trails for us to walk on.  The last couple of mornings have not been quite so cold, so we have been inspired to extend our walk a little.  When the wind chill is close to zero, it is all too tempting to head back to the car as soon as Abbie has done what is necessary!

We have been blessed with sunshine for the last couple of days and can already notice the days growing slightly longer.  The sun still doesn’t rise till after eight, but it sets a minute or two later every day, so we are able to bring the horses in a little later.  The less time they spend in the barn, the happier they are, and the easier the chores are.

Winter Sunrise

Looks like we might get the January Thaw we were hoping for.  Temperatures should be above freezing for the next few days.  It will make a welcome break, however brief.




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  1. We create a kitchen calendar every year but this year have included sunrise and sunset times. Sunrise just after 8 here too at present.

    January 9, 2013 at 9:18 am

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