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Lost and Found

TonyThe day after Christmas, this dog went missing from our neighborhood.  Our next door neighbor was watching him for a relative, who was out-of-town for a few days and he slipped out the front door before she could leash him.  At 14 years old, he shouldn’t have been hard to catch, but he is a wily old guy and he managed to give her the slip and disappeared into the woods.

Soon the whole neighborhood was out searching for him and although several people spotted him, no one could catch him.

His home is about 30 miles south of here, and that was the direction he seemed to be traveling in.  His photo was posted on Facebook and fliers were distributed throughout the neighborhood, which generated lots of phone calls of sightings, but he still managed to avoid capture.

Finally today we received word that he had been found 13 miles south of here. He had been missing almost 10 days, and was almost halfway home!  Other than sore and bleeding feet, he seems none the worse for his adventure, and many of us will sleep better tonight, knowing he is safe.




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