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Animal Tracks

Fox Tracks

Now that the lake in the Park has frozen over, we can see that wildlife has been using it as a shortcut to get from one side of the Park to the other.  I hope their instincts let them know if the ice is thick enough to be safe.  Personally, I am much too chicken to venture onto a frozen lake, no matter how thick the ice might be!  The very thought of breaking through into the freezing water below makes me cringe.

The first photo I can identify as Fox tracks.  Since Fox tend to be mostly nocturnal, we rarely see them, so I am always excited to find evidence of them in our area.  They have been quite rare around here, but seem to be making a comeback during the last few years.

Animal TracksI could not get close enough to identify the tracks in this photo.  It would have involved my venturing out on the ice, which is quite out of the question!  I’m pretty sure they are deer tracks.  The closer ones are clearly human and belong to ice fishermen.

It is official.  2012 was the warmest year on record for Michigan, and much of the rest of the country.  Now that our Winter seems to be settling into a more normal pattern, we are finding it hard to adjust.  It does not take long for us to get spoiled and we are finding these mornings with close to zero wind chills hard to take.  I am trying to be grateful for the snow, knowing our parched state needs it badly, but my thoughts are already turning toward Spring, or at least a January Thaw!


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