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Built to Last

Old Barn

The sun has deserted us again so my camera has been idle.  I went back through some earlier shots to find something to post on the blog.  This is one of my neighbor’s old outbuildings.  Not sure how old it is, but it was obviously built at a time when things were built to last.  Not true in today’s world.

Cat and Tree

Sherlock has been making sneak attacks on our little Christmas tree in the night.  (Too smart to do it while we are around to catch him.)  My solution is to bag and wrap the gifts and use them as a barricade to force him to keep his distance.  So far it seems to be working.  Cats can be such a challenge.

Hard not to mention the awful events in Connecticut, but what can be said?  In the coming days we will struggle to make sense of an utterly senseless act.  What has gone wrong with our society?  Are we going to have to turn our schools and churches into fortresses?  Will we have to undergo a pat-down before going to the cinema or the mall?  So many smart people in the world.  I hope some of them can come up with answers for us.


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