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Bright Mornings

Sun through Pines

As promised, the weather has smiled on us for the last few days, with sunshine and warmer days.  The pinewoods were just beautiful when we walked there on Friday morning.

I took advantage of the nice weather to finish putting away the last of my Summer planters and generally clear the decks for Winter.  I refuse to put up Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving, but am tempted to string some outside lights while I can do so without numbed and frozen fingers.  I just won’t turn them on until after Thursday!

Thanksgiving is bearing down on us, and the dreaded Black Friday is much in the news.  We have always made it a practice to lay low on Black Friday.  I am subject to panic attacks, especially when hemmed in by crowds, and have no desire to get caught up in the craziness.

AbbieWhile I was laid up with the Flu, my faithful Abbie followed me from recliner to couch to bed.  My constant companion in my time of need!  What a comfort our furry friends can be!



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