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Frosty Mornings


Frosted Leaves

Last Winter was the mildest we have known since coming to Michigan in 1963.  It was really more like an English Winter – damp and chilly, but with little snow and very few truly frigid days.

Now, as the days grow shorter, there is doubt that we will get off so easily this year.  Much of November seems to have been colder than normal, by as much as 10 degrees and we have already had some hard freezes.  Ice has already formed on the ponds in the Nature Conservancy and the last two mornings have brought heavy frost.  Temperatures are supposed to be closer to normal for the next week or so.  Today,  after a cold and frosty morning, the sun is shining and Winter has taken a step back for the time being. We will try to make the most of the warm and sunny days the forecasters are promising for the next week or so.

Frosty Leaves

Yesterday was Opening Day for firearms deer hunting and the woods around us rang with gunfire as we set off for our walk.  Not wishing to add blaze orange to my already unattractive ‘walking in the woods’ wardrobe, I decided to avoid the State Park and headed for the Nature Conservancy.  It was relatively peaceful over there, and no chance of coming across armed men in the woods.

Trail Markers


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