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October Sunrise

Autumn Colors

We had more rain overnight, but the sky was starting to clear when we took our morning walk, and the Park was at its loveliest.  The Maples have lost most of their leaves, but other trees are still showing some beautiful colors.

Park Road

Harley, the dog we had before Abbie was an avid Frisbee dog, and we played so much, I actually learned to be a pretty good tosser after a while.  I could never get Abbie to show any interest in the Frisbee, so we play ball instead, and I am sadly lacking in ball throwing talent!  Twice I have accidentally thrown the ball right over the fence, and Abbie has had to help me locate it among the fallen leaves.  But practice makes perfect and I am slowly gaining some measure of control.  Fortunately Abbie doesn’t seem to mind when the ball bounces off a tree, or goes in unexpected directions.  She thinks it’s all part of the fun!


Frisbee Dog


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