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A Brighter Morning

I have been trying for several days to capture the changing colors on the trees around the Lake in the Park, but the mornings have not been bright enough.  The skies finally cleared on Wednesday, providing me with some great photo ops.

Autumn Lake

I had not seen the swans for a couple of days and wondered if they had headed South, but they were there on Wednesday and again on Thursday.


Yesterday it rained all day, which we will not complain about, as it is much-needed, but with a cold wind blowing and temperatures in the forties, it was not pleasant.  We were amazed to find that the temperature rose overnight and was above sixty when we got up.  Talk about changeable!  There is still a lot of rain to our West, but not sure if it will head our way or not.  It seems to be turning away from us at the moment.

Abbie missed her outside playtime yesterday, because of the weather, and had to be content with a quick walk to the mailbox and back between showers.  We will make up for it today and spend some time playing ball before the rain sets in again.


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