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Abbie’s New Bed

Cup FlowersCatBrown Dog

The yellow flowers I photographed a few days ago were in full bloom when we walked at the Nature Conservancy this morning, and made a lovely show.  We have some of these growing in our own backyard, but they are more exposed and flower much later than these.  If the weather is hot and dry, as it has been this year, an early frost will catch them, and they won’t bloom at all.  At the moment I can see only one flower, and as we are in a cooling trend there is a good chance frost will get them before many more of them bloom.

Last time we shopped at Sam’s Club, we came across this lovely cushy dog bed, and thought Abblie would like it.  Unfortunately, as soon as we put it down, Sherlock took possession of it, and Abbie was just too polite (or chicken) to evict him.  I bowed to the inevitable and allowed Sherlock to keep it.  Abbie much prefers my recliner or the couch to a dog bed anyway!


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