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Lucky shots

Wading Bird

One of the reasons I tend to limit my photography to flowers and landscapes, is I lack the patience (and skill) to photograph wildlife.  I am considering purchasing a portable blind to get some practice on birds, etc. but for now any wildlife photos I get are pure luck!

This bird, according to my field guide, is a Lesser Yellowlegs, and should not be here in Michigan in Summer.  I can only assume he is on his way south and has been separated from the flock as he was quite alone, but was happily feeding at the edge of the lake in our State Park.

A couple of days ago, I was able to catch this Dragonfly resting on a leaf at the Nature Conservancy.  I only managed the one shot before he flew away, and was lucky it was even in focus.

The temperature dropped into the forties overnight and the lake was steaming when we took our walk this morning.  The forecast calls for more sunny days with temperatures in the seventies.  Definitely gives the feeling of Autumn and inspires me to get outside as much as possible.  Winter will be here all too soon, and we probably won’t get off as lightly as we did last year!


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