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Monarch Caterpillar


I came across this Monarch Caterpillar feeding on some Milkweed the other day.  Since learning that Milkweed is essential to the Monarch’s life cycle I try to leave them undisturbed on my property as much as possible, so I was pleased to find this one taking advantage of my efforts.

Otis and Boo are thriving, and doing a wonderful job of keeping the barn and garden free of vermin.  Perhaps because of the mild winter, Chipmunks seem to be experiencing a population explosion.  The woods are full of them, and we see them wherever we go – but not around our house!  I have even seen the cats go after full grown rabbits and squirrels.  I don’t think they actually catch any, but at least they discourage them from hanging around the house and garden, which is fine with me.

When we brought them home from the shelter, we confined them for a couple of weeks so that they wouldn’t wander off and get lost.  Once they were settled we let them loose during the day, but put them back in their enclosure in the barn at night.  I thought that over time, they would object to this, but so far they have been fine with it, so we continue to put them in at night, which keeps them safe from owls and coyotes.  Surely we have the most spoiled barn cats anywhere!


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