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A Welcome Sight

White-tail Doe


Caught sight of these deer in our pasture the other day, and they stuck around long enough for me to get some nice photos.

They looked a little bedraggled after three days of rain, but it was fun to see them close up.  I used a Forsythia bush as partial cover and even though they spotted me, they were not alarmed until a noise from next door startled them and they took off.

We ended up with about 2 1/2 inches of rain and might have more before the week is out.  I visited the stream at the Nature Conservancy yesterday and it is looking much better.  The drought had left it so low, it had become a series of puddles instead of a flowing stream.  It is not quite up to a normal level, but at least it is flowing now and Abbie was impressed enough to take a quick dip!


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