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Sunset Cloud

I noticed this cloud at sunset on Monday.  We watched, fascinated as it built and changed.  At times it almost seemed to be slowly boiling. Thought it might bring us a shower, but it was just a tease and it soon moved away to the south.

No rain in the forecast until at least the weekend and even then it is very iffy. 

The little stream which runs through the Nature Conservancy has dried to a trickle.  These stones usually form a little waterfall and I have photos from earlier in the year showing how pretty it is.  No wonder my ornamental fountains are attracting so many birds.  Many of their usual water sources have simply dried up.

At least we are getting a break from the extreme heat and humidity.  For a while we had to avoid our usual trails as the bugs made walking miserable, especially for Abbie.  This week things have been a lot better, at least in the early morning.  I finally managed to ride yesterday, giving myself and Twiggy some much-needed exercise.


One response

  1. Wow – what beautiful and dramatic clouds!

    July 13, 2012 at 2:59 pm

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