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Boo’s Adventure

For our morning walk yesterday, we drove to a picnic area in the Park which is about two miles from our house.  Abbie and I set off on the trail and Brian stayed on the paved area, which is easier on his knees.  When Abbie and I arrived back at the car, Brian was still at the far end of the parking lot, so I sat down at a picnic table to wait for him.  Suddenly a black cat appeared out of the woods and I stared at it in disbelief.  He looked exactly like Boo, but surely it couldn’t be?  But it was!  When he got closer I could see the area on his front leg that had been shaved for the IV at the vet.

We are still scratching out heads as to how he got there.  Did he stow away in the car somehow?  Does he normally roam this far from home?  Even cutting straight through the woods, it would have to be at least a mile.  And if he were just out hunting, why would he show up right where we were.  We just don’t know – and Boo is not telling.

Regardless I could not leave him there to find his own way home, so I put him in the car with Abbie and drove him home.  He accepted the car ride quite calmly and spent the rest of the day resting in the shade.  Whatever he had been up to, it had worn him out.


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