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Looking Up


When I am walking in the woods, I tend to be looking down.  The trails are rough and crisscrossed with tree roots, so I have to watch my footing.  If I trip and break something, it would not be easy for Paramedics to reach me!  Also I am always on the lookout for wildflowers etc. to photograph.  But I have learned to pause once in a while to look up.  I am often surprised at just how tall and impressive many of the trees are.

The other day I happened to take a closer look at this oak tree in the Park.  It is obviously very old, and I thought the shape and textures of the limbs was really interesting.

We are in for a hot spell and our poor lawn is beginning to look more like straw than grass.  There is a small chance of storms along with the higher temperatures, so we will keep our fingers crossed for some rain.



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