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Almost Summer

Not quite Summer yet but this is the second time we have turned on the air conditioning this year.  It is 91 degrees outside right now, although the humidity is not too bad at the moment.  We are supposed to have rain tomorrow and Tuesday, (which we could do with), and it should cool off.

After taking the winter off, due to the lack of snow to plow, our cranky old tractor refuses to start, so I had to tackle one of our pastures with the mower.  I long hot job, but it pleased the Barn Swallows, who swooped around me capturing some of the insects I stirred up.  I also stirred up a mama rabbit and her baby.  Had to proceed very slowly to give them time to get out of the way.  Don’t want chopped up bunnies in my pasture!

We have three more pastures in need of mowing, so I am hoping Brian can coax life into the old tractor before too long.

Boo finished his two-week course of antibiotics and is back to his old self.  He was great about taking the pills.  Never once putting up a fight.  I think he actually enjoyed the extra attention. 

We pass this little barn on the way to the Nature Conservancy, and I thought it made a good subject for a photo.  I love old buildings, especially barns.


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