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We had another visit from Wild Turkeys the other day.  This time there were two and they came even closer to the house than before.  Not sure what is attracting them here, but it is fun to see them close up.

The Portulaca (Moss Roses) I planted out front are beginning to bloom and the flowers are so pretty and colorful.  Since they are heat tolerant, I am hoping they will do well in these South facing containers.

There is a saying in Michigan. “If you don’t like the weather – wait a bit – it will soon change.” and that has been true so far this Spring.  After record high temperatures in March, we were below normal for much of April.  On Memorial Day temperatures hit the mid nineties and we ran our air conditioning, but since then we are back to running the furnace.  On some of our morning walks, I have regretted putting away my woolly hats and scarfs.  I am hoping June will be a little more settled.  At least the humidity has been low, which is keeping the mosquitoes and deer fly at bay (for now)!


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