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Early Blooms

After a chilly start, Thursday turned out to be a lovely, warm, sunny day, so Abbie and I hit one of the trails in the State Park.

Some of the wildflowers are bravely blooming.  I hope they survive the cold nights still to come.  They are deep in the forest, which should protect them somewhat.

My lilac seems to have survived the frosts and is just about to bloom.

We finally got some much-needed rain today.  My lawn was beginning to look quite sorry for itself.  Now I will have to mow again (as soon as it dries up!)

Boo and Otis seem very happy that we are spending more time outside and around the barn.  They always join us as we work with the horses or ride.  We kept them confined to the barn when we first brought them home and now they never seem to wander far.  They are ideal barn cats – friendly and affectionate when we are outside, but show no wish to come into the house. (Not that Sherlock would allow that!)


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