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Goodbye Spring

We seem to have skipped over Spring, straight into Summer.  Temperatures have been in the seventies and eighties.  Things are budding and greening up so quickly, it’s like watching time-lapse photography.  Knowing how changeable Michigan weather can be, we are hoping we don’t get a hard freeze, which could kill everything off.  My lilacs are in bud and will put on a wonderful show, if the temperatures don’t drop off too much.

Yesterday I had to mow the lawn.  The first time I have ever had to do that in March!  My poor horses are sweating in their winter coats, even when they are just lazing around in the pasture, and I have had to dig out a pair of shorts to wear at a time when winter underwear would still be needed!

Spotted a pair of visiting swans on the lake in the Park and managed to snap a few photos.  Just as I put the camera away, four more swans joined them and they all took flight over the lake.  Quite a sight!

It was a good bit cooler this morning, and the birds were quieter and less active than they have been.  It is as if they needed to be reminded that it really isn’t Summer yet!


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