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Enjoying It While It Lasts

Our unseasonably warm weather continues and we are trying to make the most of it.  I took my camera to Seven Ponds Nature Center in Dryden on Sunday and enjoyed a delightful walk.  I was thrilled to find a beaver lodge on one of the ponds and would love to return at dusk in hopes of spotting some of the residents.

I thought this weathered tree root made an interesting shot.  Still not much color around, but I spotted lots of Skunk Cabbage, and green leaves were beginning to peek through the forest floor here and there.

Brian and I went back yesterday and we could hear the frogs beginning to sing.  The earliest I have heard them in many years.

We did pay a price for the unseasonable weather as storms moved in later in the day.  We were under severe storm and flood watches most of the night and tornadoes touched down to the north and south of us.  Fortunately, no deaths or injuries reported, but some serious damage to homes and property.  We lucked out as the storms seemed to break apart and go around us.  We didn’t even get much rain.

We have gone two whole days without having to run the furnace, and what a treat to have windows open and fresh air in the house after the long winter.


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