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Winter Hats

The rocks in the Park look like they are wearing snowy winter hats and I enjoyed photographing them on Saturday.  As the days grow longer, the sun is higher when we walk, and we could actually feel some warmth in it this morning.

The hole in the ice has grown larger and we saw muskrats again feeding around the edge.  They were too far away for good photos.  I would have needed a long lens and tripod, and cannot manage that as well as Abbie.  When the weather warms up a bit I will go out without her and try to confirm some of the things I learned in my class.

The sky was clear when we left for church on Sunday morning, and we spotted a Bald Eagle flying above us.  There was no traffic, so I was able to stop and we watched it for a few minutes.  Soon a pair of Red Tailed Hawks showed up to harass it.  It simply ignored them and sailed away out of sight.  What a thrilling sight!


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