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The Other Shoe

As expected the ‘other shoe’ did finally drop.  Winter is back – big time! 

The forecast called for dropping temperatures and about an inch or two of snow.  What we actually got was 5 inches of snow and single digit temperatures for about the first time this winter.  There was a huge multi-car pileup on I-75 early yesterday evening, completely closing down the highway for hours.  Pretty much a nightmare journey home from work for many people.  We had already hunkered down at home and have not ventured out on the roads at all today.

My outdoor camera shoot had to be rescheduled.  Too much snow and too much wind to have ten people toting cameras and tripods through the woods.  I did manage to take a few shots when I walked Abbie this morning, but had to be really careful of frostbitten fingers.  We kept the walk shorter than usual and Abbie did not complain!


One response

  1. Our temperatures here have also dropped – just when we thought Old Man Winter had gone into hibernation!

    February 12, 2012 at 8:45 am

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