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Southern Exposure

With the Winter Solstice behind us, it is good to know that although the winter is just beginning, the days are already growing longer.  Our only complaint is how long it takes for the mornings to get lighter.  We are usually up by six and would love to get the horses fed and turned out before breakfast, but the sun doesn’t rise until after eight. 

Strangely, as I study the sunrise/sunset times for this time of year, the sunsets come later each day, but the sunrise stays the same.  I wonder why that is?  It will be February before the mornings become noticeably lighter.

We have been blessed with some sunshine the last couple of days, and what a blessing that is.

When we built this house, we had no idea how lucky we were to have a south-facing living room.  In summer the eaves shade the room from the hot sun, but in winter it pours in supplying us with a wonderful source of free heat.  There is nothing better on a brisk winter day, than to stretch out on the floor or the couch, soaking up all that lovely heat, and enjoy a  nap. 

Abbie will lay there until she is panting so hard, I am afraid she will die of heat stroke, and I have to tell her to move!

These are the simple pleasures which make the long Michigan Winters bearable.


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